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Vitrified tiles currently have a 50% share in the Indian tile industry. Compared to traditionally used marble or granite, vitrified tiles are a better alternative, they are durable and available at affordable prices. While most ceramic tiles have a higher absorption rate, vitrified tiles have less than a 3% rate, with their full-body variety boasting a 0.08% absorption rate. Here are some of the reasons why vitrified tiles could be a better choice.

Low porosity

Vitrified tiles go through vitrification, making them durable enough to withstand heavy traffic. Unlike traditional ceramic tiles, these tiles are made from a mixture of clay, quartz, feldspar, and silica, resulting in a homogeneous material with very low porosity. The fused material heated at high temperatures results in its unique texture. It also appears shiny and is non-porous. They are also suitable for bathroom walls and floors.

Variety in designs

Vitrified tiles include many types like full-body, double-charge, glazed, polished glazed, soluble salt, nano-polished, and sugar-finish. Available in matt and glossy finish, full body vitrified tiles have a homogenous & consistent color running through them. Double-charge vitrified tiles need two colors to be fed into the press machine, so that there is a dual-colored pattern on the tile’s surface. Due to the latest 3D technology, innumerable designs are available.

Resistance to wear and tear

Vitrified tiles are resistant to wear and tear unlike marble slabs, although durable, can lose their shine and turn yellowish from sparkly white with time. Choosing full body vitrified tiles has maximum protection from wear and tear. Thus, they are appropriate for flooring in parking lots, educational institutes, malls and other public places. These tiles are high in quality and come with a guarantee of high quality.

Easy installation

Installing vitrified tiles is less labor-intensive than laying marble slabs. As the water absorption rate of these tiles is lower, they don’t have to be soaked while laying. Thus, it is not a time-consuming process as in the case of marble, and you can get over it quickly. They are a perfect option for projects with a tight delivery deadline. However, for installation an expert should be hired as they should be laid perfectly between the joints for an even surface.

Minimal maintenance

Vitrified tiles are stain-resistant as well as scratch-resistant unlike marbles that are not stain-resistant and are prone to even the most basic stains (think turmeric!). The lack of this feature makes marble flooring high maintenance, which becomes expensive in the long run. However, vitrified tiles are easy to maintain without shelling a lot. One can make sure to reseal the grout between the tiles annually to increase their life span and decrease any chance of damage. Due to its non-porous nature, cleaning any spilled liquid becomes easy for the homeowner.

Vitrified tiles are the epitome of strength and high living as compared to available other options. The ultra-modern options clubbed with the cutting-edge technology makes it apt for a well-informed decision.