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Tiles are not just a functional addition to any household they are one of the initially considered priorities. From configuring eye-catching patterns, shapes of various scales to offering a contemporary twist on classic square and rectangular tiles and bold, unconventional, and loud choices tiles do enhance the aesthetics of the space.

Choosing the perfect tiles can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. Want to make a luxurious statement? Go for the evergreen marble flooring. Love the artsy look for your interiors? Get vitrified tiles with artistic designs. Or uplift your indoor environment and give it a classy touch by replicating the interiors in ‘The Great Gatsby.’ Choosing tiles can be a great and exciting start to renovating your home. Here are the trending tiles of 2022 to enable you to make the perfect choice.

Tiles as Wallpaper

Tiled walls do create a stunning design with a sturdy finish that is more long-lasting than wallpaper. With a few tricks, it is possible to incorporate tile and wallpaper to play each other’s strengths and create a trendy and attractive look. Wallpaper-patterned tiles have emerged as the latest trend. Natural, woodsy, glossy lacquer, or porcelain stoneware are prominent patterns available in the market. While wallpaper can get damaged easily due to water or heat, using these ceramic tiles instead can safeguard your home better.

Digital Vitrified Tiles

Digital Vitrified Tiles are over-glazed with a layer of glass to create an ultra glossy finish. They are resistant to stains, scratches, and are easy to clean. With graphic artwork that makes its way into these tiles through digital printing, they look beautiful and artsy at the same time. The high-resolution impressions on these tiles due to this process make them high-quality. These can be added to bedroom walls to maintain that calm vibe. They have a luxurious touch that can amp up the charm of your home.

Subway Tiles

Subway tile needs no introduction as it is extremely popular in different home designs. They are inexpensive, available at any local hardware store, and can complement almost every style and personality. It can add a final change to any space without breaking the budget. Subway tiles are a good option if you want a fun or funky touch to your space and can be used to accentuate spaces by putting them in a specific section of your wall.

Jungalow Design Tiles

Combining boho with bold, wild patterns and styling Jungalow style creates the most comforting spaces and is wonderfully inviting. With bohemian textures being the flavor of the season homeowners have started opting for an exotic feel in their homes. It serves as a good option for small places like a kitchen backsplash. People who love being surrounded by nature are inclined towards nature-inspired tiles. Tiles with deep ocean blue design can complement bathroom walls fitted with shower head well.

Terrazzo Tiles

A flooring style straight out of the retro times, ancestorial space, Terrazzo tiles have made a come-back to the designer’s fashion tile palette and is now a popular home décor trend. The speckled pattern with a bit of a modern twist can make any space look elegant, whether it is the living room or kitchen or the bathroom. Made from recycled marble, glass, and concrete chips; terrazzo tiles have a funky but stylish look. You can also get this look in porcelain tiles for the living room. The scratch and stain-resistant properties of these tiles protect them from long-term damage.

It is better to know the latest trends in tiles if you want to make a well-informed decision on which tiles would be suitable for your home.