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IVAS derives its identity from the Sanskrit word NIVAS, which means Home. Every Nivas should look different and unique and this is the core purpose of the brand IVAS.

Our product range

Our products come in latest contemporary designs and are suited to the Indian consumers taste in all the categories one can think of when building or rennovating their homes.

Brand Philosophy

Our homes are actual living beings, whose wellbeing directly affects our happiness.

IVAS truly believes that our homes are actual living beings whose wellbeing directly affects our happiness.

Our homes are our true extended family which needs to be taken care of too. It is where memories are made, and families bond. Therefore, by providing high involvement home construction products, IVAS is helping its consumers take pride in transforming their Homes into one of their own family members whose care they can take like they would do for any other member in their family. In a short span of time, Consumers have already started to appreciate the brand's attention to detail, its international appeal and the wide range of product options that it has to offer in each category.